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Newsletter for September 18, 2013
Equipment Spotlight –
You have heard a lot lately about the different kinds of
Equipment that Mobilease leases. Through our newest customer, VitalRads,
Mobilease has learned a lot about the hardware and software used in the
digital imaging field. Veterinary clinics are outsourcing their
veterinary teleradiology or the reading of their ultrasounds, CT scans,
and MRI tests to companies such as VitalRads to ensure accuracy and
borrow years of experience from VitalRads’ board certified radiologists.Dr. Brian A. Poteet, MS, DVM, DACVR, DABSNM owns and manages
VitalRads, and obtained his undergraduate degrees from Texas A&M,
and an MS in Veterinary Physiology, followed by a DVM in 1991. He then
completed a 30 year residency program in veterinary radiology at the
University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He served as the Director of
Diagnostic Imaging at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston,
Texas from 1994 to 2009. He is board certified by the American College
of Veterinary Radiology as well as by the American Board of Science in
Nuclear Medicine.

We welcome Dr. Poteet to the Mobilease family and thank him
for leasing the new image reading software and hardware for his
business. This equipment allows him to view images no matter where he
is, as long as there is an internet connection. This same technology is
similar to what is in place at St. Luke’s Hospital, but on a smaller
scale. VitalsRads and Dr. Poteet can now keep up with his growing
business demands, and service their clients all over the world utilizing
the latest technology on the market.

Article By: Shane Jarka & Christa Trostle
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Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles
With the growing concern in the United States for improving
air quality, reducing the use of foreign oil and decreasing fleet
operating costs, alternative transportation fuels have received
increased interest in recent times. Because of its cost advantages,
emissions benefits, and ample domestic supplies, natural gas is emerging
as a prime alternative fuel for our country.What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a gas like oxygen and is found underground
where it was formed millions of years ago as organic matter. It is
typically used for water heating, home-heating, cooking, clothes drying
and outdoor grilling.

Why Should I Use Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel?

Natural gas is produced right here in the U.S. As a
transportation fuel, natural gas has demonstrated significantly reduced
levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide compared to
gasoline which can be a strong force in improving air quality in the
nation. The current cost of natural gas ranges from $1.19 – $2.30 per
gallon. Click here to view a map of station prices.

How Does Natural Gas Work in Vehicles?

Natural gas vehicles are either bi-fuel (both regular gas and
natural gas) or dedicated. All Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) require
special onboard fuel storage cylinders available in a variety of sizes
to meet practically every fuel storage need. Nationally, the average
conversion cost of passenger cars, light duty pickup trucks and medium
duty pick up trucks range from $12,000 to $18,000.

What types of Natural Gas Vehicles are Available for Purchase Today?

Light, medium and heavy duty vehicle manufacturers are
producing NGVs for sale in the United States. In addition, small volume
manufacturers produce systems that allow a variety of gasoline engines
to operate on natural gas. Click here to find available CNG units.

How are Natural Gas Vehicles Fueled?

Natural gas fueling is available in a variety of options
including public stations, private onsite stations, “cardlock”
stations, vehicle refueling appliance units and portable fueling
systems. There are three types of stations available for NGVs which is
determined by the needs of the operator. These are fast-fill, time-fill
and combination fast and time-fill.

Are Natural Gas Vehicles Right for Me?

When evaluating the economics of operating vehicles on
natural gas, you will need to consider a number of factors including;
total cost to convert existing vehicles, potential savings obtained from
operating NGVs, and finally, local operating advantages for NGVs and
other alternative fueled vehicles.

You will want to make sure you have accurate information
before beginning to evaluate your decision. Let Mobilease help you
calculate simple payback or life cycle cost analysis to aid in your


Article by: Aisha Cox
Utilizing Auto Auctions
In today’s automotive marketplace, tens of thousands of
vehicles are sold through various auto auctions every year. Dealerships
and fleet companies alike rely on auto auctions to quickly dispose of
vehicles from their fleet, realizing that auctions attract numerous
buyers to their vehicles and therefore increase the return on their
investment. The data received from auctions help set the market vales of
vehicles across the country. While many auctions today are very large
and run several hundred vehicles through each sale, the first auto
auction began with just a few cars. Did you know that the first auction
was established 75 years ago?Jimmy Rawls is the owner of Rawl’s Auto Auction in Leesville,
SC. His father, JM Rawls established his auction in the summer of 1938,
before many families even owned their first automobile. He got the idea
of an auto auction after attending a livestock sale. His auction opened
with one lane and it started out running about 25 cars. He would run
them through the lanes four times each so he could say he was running
one hundred cars. Marketing was slow at first; although after visiting
many dealerships in his area, he was running between 300 and 400 cars a
week in the first few months. With sale rates in the high 90s, Mr. Rawls
realized that dealerships were coming from miles away to purchase his

While methods have changed over the years, one thing has not:
Auctions still need more cars and more buyers. The more cars that run
the lanes, the more buyers that will be attracted to the auction. The
more buyers attracted to the auction, the better the market will be,
which will increase the overall value on the vehicles that are sold
through the auction.

Mobilease has a strong reputation and a proven track record
of getting higher resale value at various auctions across the country
than alternative options, such as using a vehicle as a trade into a
dealer. We run many of our off-lease vehicles though the lanes just as
sellers did 75 years ago. If you have aging vehicles in your fleet that
you need to sell, try allowing us to run them on your behalf at the
auction. We will add them to our growing list of inventory, we represent
each vehicle as they run through the lanes, and we will help you bring
top dollar for your vehicles. We’ll take care of transportation, selling
the vehicle, and issuing the proceeds to your business.


(Left: Rawls Auto Auction in 1938, Right: Manheim Auto Auction in 2013)

For more information on how we can help, call me at 713-333-4458 or email at

Article by: Nathan LeFebvre
Why do we do things the way that we do?
It is common knowledge that the business world is constantly
changing. The fact is the business world is in a never-ending
transitional stage. It never stops changing. Knowing this, it’s unusual
how regularly we find ourselves stuck in a rut. Even though the world is
constantly evolving around us, we remain static, unbending, resolute
and unchanged. We tell ourselves we’re being cautious, but in truth,
what we’re doing more often resembles stubbornness. This stubbornness
can ultimately cost us time and money and reduce our competitiveness
within our respective industries.Even though most of us recognize that getting stuck in a rut
is a bad thing, we don’t recognize when we’re in the rut. Why is that?
I’m reminded of a story I read recently of a grandmother, her daughter
and her granddaughter all together cooking a meal. As the granddaughter
was preparing a roast, she cut a significant portion off the end and
threw it away. She was taught this practice by her mother, to whom she
asked, “Mom, why do we waste so much of the roast?”

The mother didn’t have an answer for this. It was, in fact,
the way she was taught by her own mother, to whom she asked, “Mom, why do we was so much of the roast?”

The grandmother looked at both her daughter and granddaughter
and replied, “I only trimmed off the end of the roast because back
then I had a smaller pan.”

Why do we do what we do? How do we get out of the rut? Like
the family wasting food for two successive generations, our businesses
can fall prey to the same type of thinking. If you’re over-spending in
one area or under-spending in another, or if you continue using a
marketing platform that simply doesn’t work, or any number of different
scenarios you encounter on a daily basis simply because it’s the way
it’s always been done (often called the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix
it” mentality), you may be doing yourself and your business a
disservice. The most common objections we face as a Fleet Management
company is “no change” or “we’ve always done it this way.” Change is
uncomfortable for anyone, but the right change can make improvement for
the future.

The responsibility of the effective leader is to always look
for ways to improve. What can I do to reduce my overhead? What can I do
to increase revenue? What can I do to improve my widget? How can I make
my employees happier and safer? These are all questions that should be
on our minds every day. If they’re not on your mind, you certainly have a
competitor thinking about it.

Take time today to contact a representative at Mobilease and
allow them to do a complete analysis of your fleet. Whether you lease,
purchase, or finance your fleet, let Mobilease gather information to
help your fleet run more effectively.

Article by: Wesley Burnham
The Buzz Around Mobilease

Carla Dunn!!!

Carla Dunn, our controller, will be joined in Holy Matrimony
with her fiance, Mr. Kenneth Mitchell on Saturday, September 21, 2013.
The wedding will be held in Carla’s hometown, Norfolk, VA. After a brief
honeymoon there, the couple will return to Houston to reside. The
Mobilease family threw Carla & Ken a wedding shower on Friday,
September 13th. In the picture above, we have them practicing their cake
cutting techniques. Congratulations, Carla & Ken!

Mobilease’s September Birthdays

September 15th –

Renee Keys (Office Administrator)

September 19th –

Will Hemphill (Director of Remarketing)

September 22nd –

Luke Johnson (Executive Vice President)

Mobilease’s September Anniversaries

September 1st –

Shane Jarka (Account Executive)

2 Years

September 12th –

Diane Lara (Staff Accountant)

2 Years

Welcome to our newest addition:

Renee Keys!

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the
Mobilease Administration team. Renee is joining us as an Office
Administrator. With over fourteen years in the banking industry, Renee
brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will be utilized in our
termination and sales tax department. In her spare time, Renee enjoys
cooking, singing, and spending time with her 10 year old son,
Christopher. Renee is also active in ministry work for her non-profit.
Article by: Carla Dunn
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