Pre-Owned Vehicle Testimonials

Pre-Owned Vehicle Testimonials:

Alejandro V. Lim

Certified Public Accountant Alejandro V. Lim
Mr. Lim researched his recent used car purchase for several months.
With a full schedule of Lexus dealerships to visit on a Saturday, Mr. Lim made his first test drive his last and purchased a 2010 Lexus RX350 from Mobilease.
(Mr. Lim is pictured with his daughter Cherie who will be purchasing her next vehicle from Mobilease as well.)

Grant Knezeak

Loan officer Grant Knezeak
Grant Knezeak drove all the way from Austin, TX to purchase his 2007 Dodge Ram. Grant is very pleased with the purchase especially since Mom approved.
(Grant Knezeak pictured with his mother Carmen shortly after delivery of his 2007 Dodge Ram.)

Pitter Martinez

Pitter Martinez and his lovely wife, taking delivery of their 2010 Lincoln Navigator

Don Gerstenberger

Testimonial from Don Gerstenberger
Senior Operations Manager at Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas
“It is very simple to get information about the company and current inventory of cars…by clicking on, you can look at photos and see pricing of the vehicles. Mobilease makes your pre-owned purchase very simple.”

Shayrn MitchellShayrn Mitchell is the wife of Serviceman Gentry Mitchel.
While Gentry was in Afghanistan he called us briefly and asked for our help and put us in touch with Shayrn. After numerous international calls they purchased a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder.

Laith AlhafidhMr. Laith Alhafidh,
owner of Bellagio Limousines a local Houston business, originally saw this 2011 GMC Yukon while searching for vehicles on EBay. Since the vehicle was here in town, Mr. Alhafidh decided to come by and take the unit for a test drive. Now this 2011 Yukon is a part of his fleet operations.
(Laith Alhafidh of Bellagio Limos with their 2011 GMC Yukon)

D & R Saw & Tool

D & R Saw & Tool Inc,

a Dallas, TX company has purchased two cargo vans from Mobilease. The client utilizes the MBL website to find recent inventory. Once he finds something that interests him, he contacts Marcus Wells, Internet Sales Manager over at Mobilease. An employee of D & R Saw & Tool Inc actually flies into William P. Hobby Airport and is picked up by Marcus. Seen in the picture featured is Deon Carroll, Sales Manager for D&R Saw and Tool who recently took delivery of their second van in two months.

Curtis and Joyce Bostic

Curtis and Joyce Bostic

recently took delivery of their second Mobilease Pre-Owned vehicle. After purchasing their daughter Christina’s 2009 Nissan Altima and being extremely satisfied with the car as well as the transaction, the Bostics decide to allow us the opportunity once again to earn their business.

Glen Gilbert - pre-Owned Customer

Glen Gilbert
was looking for a vehicle on AutoTrader and came upon our 2011 Volkswagen, Jetta T.D.I. Glen traded in his “much loved” F150 4×4 for our much better gas mileage Jetta.

Lupe and Matina Munoz - pre-Owned Customers

Lupe and Matina Munoz
owners of GMJ Paving, a local Houston business, just happened to receive a copy of the Mobilease Newsletter. The Munoz’s were so satisfied with Mobilease that they have purchased two Ford F150’s in one month.

Juan Barrcenas

Juan Barrcenas

saw this 2012 Chevy Camaro on AutoTrader and came in to take a closer. Marcus was able to get him financed through one of his many lenders and Juan drove off with the vehicle the same night.

Johnnie White

Johnnie White

was on line at and saw the Mercedes. Mr. White thought it was time for an upgrade and traded in his 2006 Lexus LS430 for the 2008 Mercedes.

Christopher Sifuentez

Christopher Sifuentez

shopped at several big dealerships before purchasing this 2010 Chevrolet HHR from Mobilease. He even mentioned walking out of a dealership after hours of haggling and frustration!

At Mobilease Mr. Sifuentez’s purchase took less than an hour and now Mobilease will be his first choice on his next used car purchase.

Juan&Gladys Salinas

Juan and Gladys Salinas

are long time Mobilease customers. This 2012 Toyota Rav4 is their sixth used car purchase! This one is for their 16 year old son David who was just a toddler when they purchased their first used vehicle from Mobilease. Gladys reports that the stress free atmosphere and quality vehicles are just two of the reasons that have continued coming back.

Vickie Maldonado

Vickie Maldonado

jumped for joy when she picked up her 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara.
Vickie’s family has been doing business with Mobilease for years and this was her first set of wheels.

Leah Caffey

Leah Caffey

a realtor with Gary Green Real Estate recently picked up her 2011 Ford Expedition that was located on a Mobilease eBay ad. She chose to go with Mobilease because we are a local company.

Beau and Everett Brotherton

Beau and Everett Brotherton

recently took delivery of their 2010 Chrysler Town & Country. The Brotherton’s eagerly left our lot to take the vehicle home to show Wife, Kelly and Baby Oliver.

Nick Simoneaux with Ford F150

Nick Simoneaux

owner of NCAL Inc., shown taking delivery of his new 2010 Ford F250.

Dean Peterson

Dean Peterson

came in from Hurst Texas to take delivery of his 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty.

Martin Cerna - Preowned Customer

Mr. Martin Cerna

and his beautiful family take delivery of their pre-owned 2008 Chevrolet G1500 Cargo Van.

GiseleDaSilva and Elmer Carrillo - Pre-owned Customers
Gisele C. Da Silva & Elmer Carrillo

This couple shopped for months until they found the 2010 Ford F250 Super Cab they purchased at Mobilease. The truck was a big investment for this young couple and they were pleased to take advantage of Mobilease’s competitive conventional financing program as well as protecting their investment by purchasing a comprehensive warranty.

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