Now offering the 2012 Ford Econoline

Now offering the 2012 Ford Econoline:

Mobilease’s current Auto catalog now includes the 2012 Ford Econoline!

2012 ford econoline

2012 Ford Econoline

Read an excerpt taken from USNews:
“The 2012 Ford E-Series is a decent work van with powerful optional engines and helpful work management systems…”

“As work vans go, the Ford E-Series is one of the most popular and easy-to-recognize members of its class. It was introduced in 1961, and remains one of the most common passenger vans on the road today. Test drivers continue to love the 2012 E-Series’ powerful optional V10 engine, and they say that it’s one of the only vans on the market that can hold up to 15 people…”

“…the Ford E-Series isn’t bad for a work van. Whether you’re shopping for a high-capacity family vehicle or a work van tailored to your company’s needs…”

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