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Newsletter for November 13, 2013
Mobilease Auto Sales1150 Blalock Rd.Houston, Texas 77055
Spotlight Vehicle2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class S5504,359 Miles
Lease Payment: $1,400/Month for 48 Months(Click on image to see more details)Newsletter Sale Price: $78,500 plus TT&L
Contact Will Hemphill at 713-684-0507 with any questions or stop by Mobilease Auto Sales today!

Equipment Spotlight –Delivering Solution that Drive Business Results
Sometimes delivering solutions can become, well complicated.
One of our current clients, Sanchez Oil & Gas, came across a need in
one of their South Texas fields that took some special attention to
address. They needed a cost-effective natural gas unit immediately to
power a pump in the field.

(Inside of generator is pictured above)

Our customer thought they had found the perfect generator,
and contacted Mobilease to help with the financing. Through our careful
and thorough collateral analysis, we were able to find the same
generator through the direct source, and in the process of cutting out
the broker were able to save our customer 18%, or almost $46,000, on the
acquisition cost of this generator. In addition to this generator, we
were also able to help Sanchez acquire a second diesel generator, and
Sanchez was able to move forward knowing we found the best unit
available at the best price.

Contact Mobilease if your company finds themselves in similar
circumstances. We are available to deliver solutions that drive your
business results.

Article By: Christa Trostle
Maximizing Tax Deductions

When trying to fully understand the benefits of leasing, it’s
important to understand the two ways of accounting for leases. The
first is an operating lease. In it, the
lessor (or owner) transfers only the right to use the property to the
lessee (or end-user.) Most, if not all, risk is assumed by the lessor,
and subsequently, the lease can be treated on the books as no more than
an expense, similar to a light bill or water bill. The second type of
lease is a capital lease. With it, the
lessee assumes a greater degree of risk, allowing for the asset to be
treated properly as an asset on their financial statements. There are
positives and negatives to each lease form, and which is the best way to
set up your lease is an issue best determined by you and your Account

The purpose of understanding the difference between lease
types is to recognize that each have different opportunities for tax
benefits. With an operating lease, considering it’s treated as no more
than an operating expense, the entire payment is tax deductible. In
fact, almost all vehicle related expenses are deductible. The operating lease offers
a streamlined accounting method that doesn’t require time-consuming
calculations, and it ensures an end-of-year tax burden reduction for
every dollar you spend on your monthly payments.

On the other hand, a capital lease is
treated similarly to cash or financed ownership. With this, many
businesses choose to annualize their depreciation deductions or take
advantage of section 179 allowing full depreciation deductions in the
first year to a set limit. There are certain benefits to each, and a
thorough conversation involving your tax professional and your fleet
adviser can help your business best determine the way to lower your
overall tax burden.

While you can’t ever get out of paying taxes altogether,
leasing offers multiple options for controlling your own destiny beyond
what’s available with standard financing or paying cash. And as I’m sure
we can all agree, having more tools at your disposal is never a bad
thing. Also as we’re nearing the end of the calendar year, which is
where many businesses also conclude their fiscal year, questions about
taxes start to become more and more pertinent to the discussion. Contact
your Mobilease Account Manager today to see what can be done to lower
your burden.

Article by: Wesley Burnham
Dodge RAM ProMaster
During the Helfman Dodge Launch Party for the 2014 ProMaster
Cargo Van, we were able to take a firsthand look at Dodge’s new product.
The sleek design not only allows for a great looking vehicle that any
fleet owner would be proud to have in their convoy, but also supreme
functionality. The ProMaster can be customized to meet your needs in any
way possible with gas and diesel engines coming in 1500, 2500, and 3500
models. The Cargo Van can come with a standard roof measuring 65 in.
tall or with a high roof that is 76 in. tall. The length of the vehicle
ranges between 118 in. wheelbase with 105 in. of load floor to 159 in.
wheelbase with 160 in. of load floor. The specialization does not stop
there. The cargo area can be up-fitted with storage, cages, mats, racks,
etc. that allow for maximum storage so you can get the job done. If
safety is a concern, then you will be happy to know the ProMaster comes
with 6 standard airbags, available back up camera, and a 5 year /
100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty. As you can see, this vehicle
can be formatted to fit your company’s needs no matter the job.The Dodge Ram ProMaster vans are available for purchase
today. Should you want to demo or test drive the ProMaster, Mobilease
will be happy to bring it to your business. To learn more about how you
can create your own ProMaster or to demo one, please call your Mobilease
Account Manager.
Article by: Shane Jarka
2013 Mobilease Pumpkin Patch
On Saturday, October 19, 2013, Mobilease hosted it’s “favorite event”…the Mobilease Pumpkin Patch.Despite of the weather, this year’s event was a success. We
had over 150 family members in attendance. The weather although the day
started out a little crisp ended up perfect and we had lots of games and
fun for all. This year, we changed up the menu and served pizza, Frito
pies, snow cones, freshly popped popcorn and pickles. As always, our
very own Mobilease photographer, Carlos Zepeda took photos of all of our
guests at the entrance, while other employees were stationed throughout
the moonwalks, face painting, sand art, rock painting and let not
forget the awesome petting zoo which included mini goats and baby pot
belly pigs.Special thanks to Cy-Fair H.S. ROTC members, SM Sgt Michael
W. Claiborn and Captain Scott Thomas for all of their hard work setting
up, taking down and supervising the children’s games and at check-in. We
also would like to thank the Houston Fire Department for coming out to
the event and bringing out the apparatus that the kiddos both young and
old seemed to enjoy.This event is our way of giving back to the Houston community
while celebrating the Fall season. Entrance to this event was simple;
families brought new or gently used children’s books in exchange for a
pumpkin. With everyone’s help, we were able to collect over 200 books
which will be placed in one of the Book Nooks located in waiting rooms
in Texas Children’s Hospital outpatient clinics on the Main Campus.As always, thank you to our clients, friends, vendors and dealers for making this event a success!We look forward to seeing you at the next event.
Article by: Jay Hooper
The Buzz Around Mobilease
Mobilease’s November BirthdaysNovember 11 -Wesley Burnham (Account Executive)November 12 -Margarito Mendoza (Inventory Coordinator)

November 19 –

Carlos Zepeda (AR/Risk Manager)

Mobilease’s November Anniversaries

November 1 –

George Lazaneo (Director of Business Development)

6 years

November 19 –

Jared York (P&E Administrator)

6 years

Mobilease Fitness Challenge
In the spirit of celebrating the beginning of our new year
that commenced on November 1, 2013, each of the Mobilease team
members have been challenged to Take Action and get fit to start off the
Mobilease new year with a bang. We are engaging in friendly competition
with each other and providing each other with encouragement to walk
away those unnecessary pounds! We are each equipped with a pedometer to
see who takes the most steps and ultimately who can lose the most

We are split up into three teams. Pictured above sporting their pedometers are Shane Jarka of team “Waist Management – Taking out the Garbage”, Christa Trostle of team “Mission Slimpossible”, and Jared York of team “Weapons of Mass Reduction”.

If you are communicating with any of our Mobilease team
members, please feel free to spread the word of encouragement!

Article by: Carla Mitchell
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