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Mobilease Auto Sales TV and Car Giveaway

Equipment Spotlight – Action Safety Supply Co.

Fuel Management

2015 Ford F150

The Buzz Around Mobilease

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Newsletter for March 13, 2014

Mobilease Auto Sales

TV and Car Giveaway!!!

Mobilease Auto Sales held two contests in February. One was a Valentine’s Day TV giveaway and the other was to win a free car just by coming in and test driving one of our vehicles. These were very exciting contests open to all of our existing clients, as well as the public.

On February 14th, the drawing for the 46″ Sanyo HDTV was held and the winner was Linda Duggan from Humble, Texas. Linda and her husband, Mike are repeat customers and come back each time because of the quality of vehicles that Mobilease Auto Sales offers and the relationship that has been built over the years. Congratulations, Linda!

(Pictured above: Linda Duggan with her new Sanyo TV)

On Saturday, March 1st, Mobilease Auto Sales hosted an event that included music, hot dogs, beverages and live broadcasting from Yahoo Sports 1560’s John Granato. During this event, each of the participants that received keys were able to see if their key opened the free Chevrolet Impala. The winner was Jason McClelland of Houston, Texas. Congratulations, Jason!

(Pictured above: John Granato, Jason McClelland, Will Hemphill, John Crafton)

Please be sure to check the Mobilease Auto Sales website regularly for upcoming events and contests. You never know, you could be the next lucky winner!

Article by: Sid Greer

Equipment Spotlight

In May 1975, Gerald (Jerry) Hietpas started a small company,Action Safety Supply Co. (ASSC), a road construction traffic control barricade & striping company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Thirty-eight years later, ASSC is the premier road construction traffic services letting company in Oklahoma. ASSC rises above the competition by continuing to expand their services to meet their client’s need and are always working to find a way to say “yes”.

ASSC and Mobilease formed a long-lasting partnership after a friend of Mobilease referred Jerry to us. Over the years, ASSC has allowed Mobilease to provide them vehicles and equipment, thus enabling ASSC to expand their business. Some of the various types of equipment that Mobilease has lease to ASSC includes:


  • Various types of trailers
  • Traffic signals
  • Digger trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Air Compressors
  • Tractor
  • Sandbagger
  • Auger Truck
  • Striping Truck
  • Bobcat Loader

As you can see, the types of equipment Mobilease can lease varies greatly and we can help any type of business expand and grow their operations.

Article By: Jay Hooper
Fuel Management

Typically fuel is one of the highest expenses in managing a vehicle fleet. And while the cost of a gallon of fuel is not something you can control, the way you manage your fuel spending can have a significant impact on your bottom line. While there are a number of ways to reduce spending, short of not driving anymore, instituting a fuel management program is the quickest and easiest manner to lower your fuel budget.

The first step is to develop the necessary controls to limit driver spending. The second step is to be able to track your fleet’s fuel economy. Lastly, limit the time your accounting department spends processing employee expense reports and tracking fuel receipts. This may sound daunting, but it’s actually quite easy.

Let Mobilease assist you in controlling the costs associated with fueling your fleet. Our fuel card programs provide greater control and visibility to all fleet transactions. Not only can we help deliver savings on actual fuel purchases, but some programs enable us to consolidate fuel, purchasing, and T&E into one convenient invoice. With online reporting and tracking available, controlling these aspects of your business has never been easier.

Article by: Wesley Burnham

The New 2015 Ford F150

Ford kicked off the 2014 Auto Show with the unveiling of its new 2015 F150. The last body style change occurred in the 2009-2010 model years. The 2015 F150 will now be made with an aluminum body. In doing so, there will be an estimated 15% weight reduction in the vehicle, however using the aluminum frame will increase the price of the vehicle about $1,000. This is due mainly to the fact that aluminum costs about 3 times as much as steel. With the lower weight, Ford will be able to use lighter parts. Some examples include using different size springs, control arms, and smaller engines since you will be hauling around less truck. Another advantage to using the lightweight frame will be Ford’s increased probability to hit the 30 MPG highway. On average, the fuel savings between the 2014 model and the 2015 model is $1,250. This is one of Ford’s strategies to hit future CAFE standards. It is safe to say that Ford is taking a bold leap towards future truck innovations.

Article by: Shane Jarka
The Buzz Around Mobilease

On Friday, February 28th, Mobilease hosted our 2nd Annual Mobilease Chili Cook-off. This year we had seven entries, with each contestant playfully bragging on how theirs would be the best. Some of the participants used family recipes that had been passed down from generation to generation, while others kept it simple and cooked theirs directly from the can.

The judging was taken very seriously; judges were randomly selected and the entries remained anonymous. The entire Mobilease office stopped to view the tasting, asking the judges which Chili was their favorite so they could narrow their own sampling without any heartburn.

Thankfully, the seven entries were completely edible and quite tasty! However, in the end, a new champion was crowned and by a landslide! Mr. Jared York, participating for the very first time, was victorious, and his chili had the office buzzing the rest of the day. Many wanted to know how he made such a tasty dish, however he kept the secrets to himself as he is going for back to back championships!

(Pictured above: Jared York)

The trash talk has already begun, and next will will prove to be even more tasty than last!

Article by: Jared York  

Mobilease’s February Birthdays

February 8-
  John Frisby (Internet Sales)

February 9 –
  Leonardo Villareal

(Inventory Assistant Coordinator)

January 31 –
  Hilda Santos (Sales Assistant)

Mobilease’s March Birthdays

March 2nd –
James Drayton (Facility Coordinator)

March 4th –
Sid Greer
(Mobilease Auto Sales – Sales Manager)

Mobilease’s February Anniversaries

   February 1 –
34 years

February 1 –
Will Hemphill (Director of Remarketing)
  3 years

February 18 –
Margarito Mendoza (Inventory Coordinator)
  3 years

February 19 –
Wesley Burnham (Account Executive)
  1 year

February 21 –
  Hilda Santos (Sales Assistant)
  2 years

Mobilease’s March Anniversaries

March 1 –
Jessica Velazquez (Title Specialist)
  1 year

Article by: Jennifer Power
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