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Newsletter for January 28, 2014
January newsletter. As we all sweep the confetti off the floor and close the books on 2013, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of our customers for a great year. Without you, our clients, we would not be able to see the continued growth in 2013. It goes without saying the Oil & Gas portion of our lease portfolio had another solid year of volume, but equally as impressive is the turnaround we saw in the Construction Industry, and from everything our clients are saying 2014 looks to be promising as well. Direct Manufactures rounded out the top 3 industries in our lease portfolio with the most activity from both existing client and new clients.
Fleet Management: Our core business for many years has been managing company fleets. I strongly believe that to be successful, you have to keep fine tuning your product(s) and continue to add Value in what we do to our entire customer base. At the same time we must continually be focused on looking for new companies that benefit from our services. Mobilease has added Wesley Burnham to the team. Wesley brings with him 5 years of fleet management experience to the team. Second, we started and will continue to educate our clients and prospects on the various maintenance and fuel products we offer that are all designed to do one thing and that is LOWER YOUR OVERALL COST OF OPERATING your fleet. Please stay tuned for articles throughout the year from Nathan LeFebvre, our Director of Ancillary Services.
Pre-Owned Sales: For our commercial and consumer clients we are constantly being asked if we lease or sell Pre-Owned vehicles. The needs could be anything from a short term construction project, a pool car, a truck for the ranch, or even a first car for a teenager. Whatever the reason, we saw a demand for quality pre-owned vehicles for a “fair price in a no haggle selling environment.” In May 2013, we celebrated the grand opening of Mobilease Auto Sales, located just north of Interstate 10 and Blalock. If you haven’t had a chance to view our inventory, I encourage you to look today at www.mobileaseinc.com. The cars and trucks offered for sale at Mobilease Auto Sales have all been through an extensive reconditioning process before they are presented to the public. We also offer competitive bank financing, and extend service plans through the manufacturer. See the pre-owned article below written by Sid Greer, our Pre-Owned Sales Manager, for tips on buying new vs. used.
Equipment: All of our Account Managers and Account Executives are trained in equipment leasing as well as Fleet Management. 2013 proved to be another growth year in that area as well. As an alternative to cash or bank financing, we have found that companies both big and small count on us to provide lease financing for all types of equipment that help them run their businesses. Our most popular pieces of equipment are forklifts, generators, and copiers, but that is not where it stops. See this month’s equipment article below to get a feel for some of the more interesting pieces of equipment we provided financing for this past year. If you have new equipment in your capex budgets for 2014, I strongly encourage you to let us do a lease vs. purchase analysis for you. We are seeing from many of our clients that without Bonus Depreciation in 2014, a lease may be a better way to acquire that equipment from a net cost after tax perspective.
Overall, 2013 was a good year for Mobilease as a whole, and quite simply our continued success is directly related to two important ingredients. First to you, our Valued Clients, and second to our Incredible Staff! Here is to a busy and prosperous 2014 to all!
Article By: Luke Johnson

Equipment Spotlight
2013 was an educational year for us in the Equipment Business. Mobilease leased out over 100 pieces of equipment in our Fiscal year, and we leased some items that I never knew existed. Here are a few highlights from the year:Blastrac Shortblaster – this almost $30,000 piece of equipment strips, cleans and profiles concrete and asphalt to either improve traction or to prep for coatings and overlays.

Panasonic V.I.P Ultra Low Freezer – Designed for -86 degrees Celsiu, this freezer is used in Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Research Facilities.

Fusion ENT Navigation Instrument set – this hi-tech device provides surgeons with detailed images to guide their procedures with surgeon specific settings and multi instrument tracking.

H&S Manure Spreader – Used in farming and ranching, this device distributes nutrient rich organic matter throughout your fields.

Thinking Systems – This is image reading software and hardware that is used in the Veterinary field. This software can be accessed anywhere that has internet connectivity.

Striper Truck – These trucks are used to paint the lines and dashes on streets and highways.

Article By: Christa Trostle
It Ain’t Easy Being Green, But It Could Be More Profitable
It’s no great secret companies exist to provide a good or service and to make money doing it. Without profit, a business will wither away and be replaced by a more nimble competitor who has better figured out how to maximize revenues and minimize costs. And these days, believe it or not, one way to become more profitable may be in going green and running a more environmentally clean fleet. Yes, seriously. You didn’t read that wrong.For a long time, a green fleet was seen as good PR but costly. Running a green fleet may have made our clients feel warm and fuzzy, but the costs and inconveniences associated with it were often simply not justifiable. Well those days may be over now. Due to technological improvements, increasing demand and greater levels of competition between the manufacturers, the front-end cost of green vehicles is actually dropping when compared against standard inflation rates. And while all the details about the program won’t be released until this spring, the state of Texas recently approved up to $2,500 in state rebatesfor electric and natural gas vehicles, and this can total up to $10,000 when coupled with federal incentives.

Even with these positive financial improvements of the green fleet movement, there is one lingering criticism that remains: relative lack of infrastructure to support the new technologies. And while many decision makers likely appreciate the cost savings, they don’t want to sacrifice efficiency to get it. This is a legitimate concern, and definitely something to consider when determining whether or not a green fleet makes sense for your business. But while the infrastructure is slight compared to traditional gasoline and diesel distributors, the infrastructure to support these new green technologies has been consistently enlarging its footprint. (http://www.altfuelprices.com/station_map.php)

Regardless of any personal feelings about the whole “going green” movement, it’s worth a look to see if it may make your business more profitable. Contact your Mobilease fleet professional to help you run a through cost analysis and see if it makes sense for your business.

Article by: Wesley Burnham
Better Than New: Buying a Great Used Car
Ah, the allure of that new car smell. But – hold on – isn’t the aroma of cold hard cash just as nice? By choosing to buy your next vehicle used, you could walk away with a high-quality carand a healthier bank account.Not only are used cars handsomely discounted compared to their showroom brethren, but also the long-term reliability of vehicles in general has been on the rise for years, according to J.D. Power’s U.S. Vehicle Dependability StudySM. Using the power of the Internet to compare makes and models, find specific cars, and check out their history, you can increase your confidence of getting a used car that’s almost as good as new.

Ready to start shopping? Follow these tips to find a used car that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

Mind Your Money Matters

  • Step one is to determine how much you can afford. If you’ll be selling an old car, consider its cash value, any additional down payment you’ll make and what monthly payment fits comfortably in your budget. Get help with an auto loan calculator.
  • Websites such as KellyBlueBook.com, Edmunds.com and True Market ValueTM tool, can help you determine the selling price of your old vehicle and how much you can expect to pay for the used car you’re eying.
  • Getting a quote for auto insurance before buying can also help you understand the true cost to drive the car you’re considering. An added benefit of buying used is that costs for collision and comprehensive coverage are generally lower compared to new cars of the same style.
  • If you’ll be financing the purchase, look into financing through Mobilease Auto Salesas they might offer lower interest rates than most banks and car dealers. Heading into your purchase with pre-approved financing will help streamline your purchasing process.

Find the Right Fit

  • When deciding on a make and model, prioritize the list of the features that are most important to you: styling, engine, power, gas mileage, seating capacity, cargo space and so on. Be sure to base your list on your everyday realities such as highway commuting, not your daydream scenario like climbing mountain trails.
  • Be flexible. By remaining open to two or three models that would meet your needs, you’ll have an easier time finding a suitable vehicle at a good price. And for a real apples-to-apples comparison of different models, keep in mind that different vehicles in a given class might depreciate at different rates. In other words, give bonus points to a car that tends to hold its value longer, and thus costs you less in the long run.

Forget driving all over town to wander around used car lots. Let Mobilease Auto Sales do the leg work for you. If they do not have what you are looking for, they can get it. Simply use their Car Finder tool and they will do the work for you at no cost.

Article by: Sid Greer
Mobilease Auto Sales
1150 Blalock Rd.
Houston, Texas 77055
Spotlight Vehicle2012 Nissan Altima Sedan

11,953 Miles

(Click on image to see more details)

Sale Price: $15,900 plus TT&L

Contact Sid Greer at 713-333-4454 with any questions or stop by Mobilease Auto Sales today!
The Buzz Around Mobilease
Mobilease’s January Birthdays 

January 6-
Clyde Takahashi (Director of Credit)

January 8 –
Shane Jarka (Account Executive)

January 31 –
Hilda Santos (Sales Assistant)

Mobilease’s January Anniversaries

January 1 –
Jay Hooper (Sr. Account Manager)
6 years

January 1 –
Nathan LeFebvre
(Ancillary and Remarketing Manager)
6 years

January 6 –
Christa Trostle (Sr. Account Manager)
11 years

January 8 –
Clyde Takahashi (Director of Credit)
7 years

January 29 –
Jennifer Power
(Marketing & IT Coordinator)
7 years

January 29 –
Carlos Zepeda (AR & Risk Manager)
13 years

Article by: Carla Mitchell

3815 Dacoma St., Houston, Texas 77092     Phone: 713-683-9500     www.mobilease.com

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To our Valued Clients and Friends,

Your chances are great to win one of these if you come by and register today! Please spread the word to your family and friends that Mobilease Auto Sales is giving away a TV and Car this month.

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