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Newsletter for December 11, 2013

Mobilease Auto Sales1150 Blalock Rd.

Houston, Texas 77055


Spotlight Vehicle2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class S550

4,359 Miles

Lease Payment: $1,400/Month for 48 Months

(Click on image to see more details)

Newsletter Sale Price: $78,500 plus TT&L

Contact Will Hemphill at 713-684-0507 with any questions or stop by Mobilease Auto Sales today!

Equipment SpotlightDelivering Solution that Drive Business Results
eNet Solutions is a Texas-based IT Service company that
serves the greater Houston area. Not only do they serve as our IT and
Network provider, but they are also a long time Mobilease client and
service other Mobilease clientele as well.When Craig Hardee, President & CEO, decided to expand and
open their Solutions Center that supplies both Network Operations and
Technical Support, Mobilease became a vital partner by helping eNet
Solutions grow its facility. Mobilease has leased eNet a variety of
equipment. Below are some of the equipment types:

  • ATVs
  • Cargo Craft Trailer
  • Audio/Visual – Includes but not limited to TV, Teleconferencing, Projectors
  • Office Equipment – Cubicles, Conference room table
  • Server Cabinet
  • Generator
  • Wine Rack
  • Computer Equipment

Mobilease leases a variety of equipment and above are just a
few of the options available. Contact an Account Executive and find out
how we can fulfill your equipment needs.

Article By: Jay Hooper
Breaking Free of Fleet Management Responsibilities

Do you feel that your business and fleet are an extension of
yourself, or are they merely an income and operational tool? The
benefit of working with a professional fleet management company like
Mobilease is we do not try to force a one-size-fits-all solution on all
our clients. Your business, your needs, and your goals are unique.
Likewise, the way we handle your business needs and goals will reflect
that. Ultimately, even though we hope to take as many of your fleet
obligations off your plate as you will allow, you still make the
decisions, and you will always have options.

In my years of working in fleet management, one of the most
common objections I have encountered is that fleet managers simply do
not like giving up the reins on their fleet. That is understandable,
even despite the demonstrable operational, financial and tax advantages
on any level. At Mobilease we do not take any control away from our
partners. In fact, we give you greater control over your fleet. Our
tools and methods can help you streamline your fleet, making it more
cost effective and operationally efficient, and at the end of the day,
we are here to advise and consult, but you retain control.

When you are ready to release the reins to allow Mobilease to
streamline your fleet, please call a Mobilease Account Executive to
gain a full understanding of what we offer. We are here to offer
solutions that drive business results.

Article by: Wesley Burnham
Protect Yourself When Shopping
The hectic holiday shopping season means parking lots full of
people and safety hazards and the heightened possibility of theft. You
may think that squeezing into a tight spot will be your greatest
challenge, but parking lots are where most mall-related crime occurs. We
hope these tips keep shoppers motoring on their merry way, protecting
drivers and consumers from seeing the Grinch during this busy time of
year.Parking Lot Safety

  • Eliminate distractions by turning off and stowing cell
    phones. Set up navigation and GPS devices before starting to drive.
  • Watch for pedestrians. Remain cautions of pedestrians on
    crosswalks and moving in between and behind cars. Be alert, especially
    for children who are not always paying attention.
  • Learn to play the outfield. Outlying areas have more spaces, lighter traffic and a lower risk of collision.
  • Do not put yourself in a tight spot. Avoid parking between a
    pair of tall SUVs, minivans or pickups where it might be hard to back
    out of the space. If you can not see well enough to back out safely, get
    help from one of your passengers.
  • Buckle up. Even a low-speed collision can result in
    injuries. Make sure that everyone is strapped in a seat belt or child
    car seat while the car is in motion, even if it is just a short trip to
    another part of the parking lot.
  • When leaving your vehicle, always lock the doors and close
    the windows. Remember your keys and make sure your vehicle has signaled
    that the door is locked.
  • Remember to keep your vehicle in good working condition and
    with adequate fuel to prevent car trouble. Ensure lights are off before
    leaving your vehicle to prevent the battery draining.
  • Familiarize yourself with parking lot exits. To remember
    where you parked your car, note landmarks, distance from store entrance,
    and/or make a note in your cell phone.

Personal Safety

cautions that crowded shopping malls, streets and parking lots can
provide ample opportunity for theft during the holiday season.

  • Protect your presents by stowing shopping bags in the trunk.
    A thief can steal your gifts in a matter of seconds, so eliminate the
    temptation by keeping them out of sight.
  • Keep a grip on your valuables. Make sure your purse is
    secure in your hand, along with any valuable you may have just bought.
    Thieves are always looking for an easy “snatch and grab.”
  • Know who is around. Do not be caught off guard. Keep an eye
    on what and who may be around you. If someone approaches your vehicle do
    not be rude, but also do not roll down a window or open a door to a
  • Have your keys ready before you get into your vehicle.
    Searching or fumbling for keys is distracting and increases your
  • If you carry a purse, hold it cross-carried or close to your body.
  • Enter your vehicle quickly and lock the doors immediately once inside. Do not linger in your parked car.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or unnecessary credit cards on your person or in your car.
  • If you fear you are being followed, instead of leading the
    follower to your home, go to the nearest police or fire station. Report
    the vehicle following you and ask for an escort home when you are
    confident you are no longer being followed.

Mobilease believes staying safe on the road is important
whether it is the holiday season or any other time of the year. Enjoy
this shopping season and be safe while doing so. Happy Holidays!


Article by: Aisha Cox
Are you in control of your car?
In this day and age, cyber threats are no longer a subject of
movies. They are very real and can cause damage across all walks of
life, even your vehicle. With vehicles becoming more technologically
advanced with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Hi-Tech computer software that
can detect collision and stop your vehicle on its own, it is only a
matter of time before someone can hack into your vehicle and take
control. Even though there are no reported cases of vehicles being
hacked and remote controlled from a laptop, it is possible.Manufacturers are constantly updating their systems against
viruses and hack attempts into their databases, but when was the last
time you updated the software for your vehicle? It was probably given
the latest update at your last service appointment, but this is not
often enough to combat that constant threat of viruses. Manufacturers
are working with IT Security Companies and hiring full time IT Security
Staff to make the most secure software possible and come up with ideas
to insure more frequent updates. Ford came up with the idea to send
updates via USB Drives, and have the updates via their website. This
measure has concerns of its own because of internet hacking. However,
most professionals believe it would take actual physical contact with
the vehicle to upload a virus that will give you full control of the
vehicle. This could be true, but the real threat comes from the hacking
of the cars Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and app systems. It is believed that most
hackers will not care to drive you off the road, but will try to rob you
on your commute to work. In recent models, your phone automatically
connects to your car when you get in so the hands free talking can be
enabled. If someone wanted to hack your cars computer they could upload a
virus on your phone and access the personal information you have
stored. Many of us have checked our bank account or even have an app
from our bank that gives us the ability to do do. If a bug was uploaded
to your car, it can then be passed to your phone or other personal
device to retrieve passwords and account information to wipe out your
accounts or commit identity theft.These threats, although highly unlikely, are possible with
the technology and computers in our vehicles that were made in 1998 or
later. The manufacturers are working to come up with new recall/software
update strategies to keep up with ever evolving technology in our
vehicles. The best way we can continue to fight hackers is to ensure we
take our vehicles in for regular maintenance and update our smart phones
and personal devices regularly.
Article by: Shane Jarka
Tis the Season -Holiday Lights 
Around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays the city of
Houston starts to glow as holiday decorations, lights and displays begin
to appear around the city. Many people have been to the larger light
displays like Moody Gardens Festival of Lights and the lighting of the
tree on Post Oak Boulevard. But for me the real excitement during the
holiday season is seeing all the lights that are put up in different
neighborhoods by individuals. Since Houston is so large, there are many
places with great holiday displays. Here are a few of the best
neighborhoods where you can drive to in Houston to see Christmas lights:

River Oaks

Shepherd Park and Candlelight Park

Woodlands Heights

Prestonwood Forest – My Favorite!

Highland Village, Post Oak Boulevard and Greenway Plaza

For an added bonus, make a complete weekend car tour out of
it complete with hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies and fun holiday
music. Not only will the tour allow you to travel through the beautiful
neighborhoods in Greater Houston, but it is also time to start new
holiday traditions with your family.

Article by: Christa Trostle
The Buzz Around Mobilease
Mobilease’s December Birthdays 

December 1-

Christa Trostle (Account Manager)

December 5 –

Nathan LeFebvre (Remarketing Manager)

December 10 –

John Crafton (President/CEO)

December 13 –

Jessica Velazquez (Title Specialist)

Mobilease’s December Anniversary

December 8 –

James Drayton (Facility Coordinator)

27 years

Article by: Carla Mitchell
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