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Newsletter for August 14, 2013
Delivering Solutions that drive business results –

Case Study

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my customers and their
businesses. Not only does this satisfy my innate curiosity, it helps me
to better understand their equipment and vehicle needs. This came into
application recently with a client of ours, Insteel Wire Products.Many of you already know them, but for those of you who
don’t, Insteel Industries is the nation’s largest manufacturer of steel
wire reinforcing products for concrete construction applications; their
products are primarily sold to manufacturers of concrete products. For
example, the concrete barriers you see in the roadway, Insteel makes the
wire reinforcing frame for those barriers.

(Pictured Above: Charlie Adams – Insteel, Christa Trostle – Mobilease, Stephen Young – Adobe)

To bend the wire to make these frames, Insteel takes a batch
of wire to a specialized bending machine in their yard. This device is
under a covered area, and the wire needs to be lifted onto the machine
under the cover in order to bend it to create these frames. This
presents a problem because the forklift that is needed to perform this
task has to be able to fit under the cover and simultaneously lift the
product onto the machine without damaging the roof of the structure, and
it needs to be able to carry a fairly large capacity load. Most
forklifts of this capacity have a mast that is too high to fit under the
enclosure and lift the load on top of the bending machine.

Mobilease partnered with Adobe to search for a
solution. After meeting with Insteel in person and evaluating their yard
and conditions, not only were we able to fill this specialized lift
request, but we also provided them a solution that eliminated the need
for an extra lift, thus lowering Insteel’s overall cost. This combined
with the convenience of taking their old lifts in on trade and removing
them from their yard, Mobilease was able to provide a cost effective and
seamless transition for our client and allowed them to focus on their
business instead of equipment acquisition.

Adobe was able to order Insteel a highly specialized lift, a
Kalmar DCE90-6, which has a 20,000 lb. capacity and has the ability to
raise the carriage without raising the mast height. There isn’t another
lift on the market that can fill this highly specialized need.

This is another example of how Mobilease and our Business Partners deliver solutions that drive business results.

(Pictured Below: DCE90-6 Forklift at work)

Article By: Christa Trostle
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It’s that time again…

Back to School

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. School will be
open very soon and there will be a lot of brand new drivers out there.
With parents working and student’s busy schedules, it’s not really
practical to let students drive the family car to school. If they are
off to college they will need a car of their own. The obvious answer is
to get another car. As summer ends and another semester opens, Mobilease
has a vast selection of cars they recommend for students who may be
considering their MPG as well as their GPA.To help ensure driving and ownership satisfaction into the
coming school year and beyond, follow these guidelines for getting the
right car at the right price.

  • Do your Research: Mobilease will provide a
    CarFax check on every vehicle we sell. We also do a 32 point inspection
    on our units and have them detailed before your student will take
  • Know What It Is Going to Cost You: Once
    you’ve decided on the type of vehicle you would like to purchase, ask
    your salesperson to confirm the vehicle’s MPG. Also, take into
    consideration adding an extended warranty, which Mobilease can provide,
    to minimize all maintenance expenses down the road.
  • Take a Test Drive: Mobilease works with all
    manufacturers and has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. Come
    to the dealership and test drive each one that you are interested in or
    let us bring it to you. Make sure your student is comfortable with the
    size of the vehicle, the safety features, and how it handles.
  • Have Fun: The primary concerns parents have
    when buying a vehicle for their son or daughter are selling price,
    safety features, and maintenance costs. Let Mobilease do the research
    for you and take the stress out of car buying.

It’s a fact of modern life for many families: to get all of
the day’s duties – – everything between work and school – – sometimes,
you need a second, or even a third set of wheels. Buying a car for your
son or daughter to drive to and from school takes some thought. Let
Mobilease help you find the vehicle that is great on gas, easy on
repairs, and has the basic features that protect the passengers and
resale value at the same time.

Click on the below links to access sites that allow you to
review recalls and safety ratings for the vehicles that you may be
interested in purchasing.

Article by: Shane Jarka & Aisha Cox
Mobilease Courtesy Sale Program
Does your business have older vehicles that are no longer in
service? Are you looking for a way to dispose of these vehicles, but
don’t have the time or manpower to go through the process of
advertising, transporting, or negotiating the sale price of these
vehicles?Utilizing the Mobilease Courtesy Sale Program will help your business in many aspects, including:

  • Arrange transportation of the vehicle from your office
  • Recondition and/or detail the vehicle as needed
  • Market the vehicle through our extended network of buyers
  • Negotiate the sale price and get top dollar for the vehicle
  • Distribute funds and assist with the paperwork

Market research shows that used vehicle sales have improved
for the third straight year. Used car prices rose again in 2012. Per
NADA’s used vehicle price index, prices for vehicles up to eight model
years in age increased by 2.6% last year. Reasons for this could be tied
to an improving economy, but also the industry underwent a series of
changes that helped reduce dependency on incentives and fleet sales for
new vehicles. These factors help contribute to rising used car prices.

Timing when to sell your existing vehicles will maximize the
amount of money going back to your company’s bottom line. Adding your
company’s vehicles to the growing number of vehicles that Mobilease
sells each month will increase the number of potential buyers who will
see and buy your vehicles, therefore bringing top dollar back to your

For more information, contact me directly using the below contact information.

Nathan LeFebvre

Remarketing Manager


Article by: Nathan LeFebvre
What to know about Telematics
Those in the service industry have seen an increased need for
vehicle telematics systems. Telematics allows for increased driver
safety, vehicle tracking, easier dispatching and often route
optimization. Ultimately, having a telematics program in place can help
your business save money. But for all of its obvious benefits, choosing
one provider from the thousands of telematics vendors can be a daunting
and occasionally frustrating task.With this in mind, it’s important to know several key points
about a potential telematics partner that can help you make a decision:

  1. How long has the provider been in business, are they
    financially stable and will they be there to support your business over
    the long haul? Installing telematics on your vehicle fleet is a costly
    endeavor, so it’s important to know just how stable the business you’re
    partnering with is currently and will be long into the future.
  2. Is software developed in-house, and is there a mobile app
    available? Software drives the new telematics industry, so it’s
    important for your telematics partner to have software available to
    handle your specific needs. If the software development is outsourced,
    tailoring it to suit your business can either be prohibitively expensive
    or simply impossible.
  3. How thorough is the software training, and what sort of
    support services are available? There’s nothing more useless than
    expensive software no one in the office knows how to use. Additionally,
    no matter how good the training, questions will arise. It’s important
    for your telematics partner to be available when you need them.
  4. What’s the process for deployment? Will the service need to
    be installed or is it plug and play? Vehicle downtime costs money, so
    the less time spent installing your telematics solution across your
    fleet, the better.
  5. What is the full list of services available with the
    telematics solutions? Not every provider offers identical products. Make
    sure the services provided match your needs. If you only need vehicle
    tracking, don’t pay for additional services you don’t need. If you want
    engine diagnostics as well, make sure your provider has that available.
  6. Is the captured data saved, and if so for how long? If you
    will need to access the data six months or a year down the line, it’s
    vital that your telematics provider has this capability.
  7. Finally, cost. How much is this going to run you? Obviously,
    the cost of the program should not outweigh any potential savings.
Article by: Wesley Burnham
The Buzz Around Mobilease
Mobilease’s August Birthday

August 2nd –

Jay Hooper (Sr. Account Manager)


Article by: Carla Dunn
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